shopping for change


About us

We want to simplify ethical shopping in Exeter, making it easier for you to make the change towards shopping at more responsible businesses. By partnering with the best ethical businesses in Exeter, we save you time and effort needed to research where to shop ethically so that you can start right now.

Below is a map of all of our partners. Click on the pin, then 'Learn More' to find out more about these businesses and what makes them ethical. Join us in changing Exeter for the better!


Why shop ethically?


When you buy an ethical product, you know that everyone who has been a part of the process has been paid a fair wage and has worked in good conditions. 


Organic and locally sourced products are much better for the environment. Organic items use less water to produce and prevent harmful chemicals from getting into our water and buying locally reduces carbon emissions. 


Ethical clothes are often higher quality and so they last longer and stay looking great. Organic foods don't have the all the nasty chemicals which can be found in some foods and local produce is almost always fresher.